What does a feminist library look like in 2017? What books and resources are feminists turning to for thought-partnership? What books have yet to be written? How might a collection of feminist texts help us imagine a kind, generous future? 

lib>a>y fo> the futu>e is an interactive space for feminist thought-partnership and resource-sharing. It archives a growing list of books that have informed readers’ relationships to feminism – and is designed to change over time in response to your book requests. 

History of the Project

lib>a>y fo> the futu>e originally took the form of a sculptural installation in a gallery setting. In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, we asked female-identifying artists at Rhode Island School of Design what books had informed their relationships to feminism and created the initial collection based on their responses. The shape of the lib>a>y was designed to change over time in response to visitor requests. What began as a literary portrait of artists in an exhibition persists as a malleable online platform for sharing resources and conversation – a catalyst for new thinking.

Collaborate with us

Have a location in mind for a sculptural installation of the library? Want to start a book club based on this collection? Other ideas? We look forward to hearing from you! 

– Alicia Oas and Melissa Weiss